Follow my journey to add 1 million dollars of revenue to my company. It's a big goal and I may fall flat on my face. I'm willing to fail, but I'm also willing to fight like hell to win. I will add new videos each week bringing you inside and sharing some strategies that we are doing to move the needle. 

Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction

    1. WEEK 1 OF 2019 JOURNEY TO 2.5 MILLION: PART 1

    2. WEEK 1 OF 2019 JOURNEY TO 2.5 MILLION: PART 2

    3. WEEK 1 OF 2019 JOURNEY TO 2.5 MILLION: PART 3


    5. WEEK 2

    6. Busy week

    7. January 14th

    8. Referral marketing strategies engaged!

    9. JAN 21

    10. 1/23 BAD REVIEW?

    11. 2019 Breakthrough meeting

    12. Resolved upset customer

    13. Should I hire a coach?

    14. FEB. 15TH

    15. 3/19/19

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About the instructor

Instructor Title Kelley McKay

Kelley has worked in residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning for over 21 years. His career as a service technician started at the age of 19 and 12 years later he opened his own company in 2008. He has hired and trained individuals who knew nothing about the industry and built them into service experts. He has written two books that are available on Amazon. "Go Make Money: A strategic guide to grow your service business into a million dollar business" and "Busyness to Business: 18 Lessons to turn your business into what you intended to create." Kelley enjoys teaching others what he's learned as a service technician as well as what he's learned owning a service business. Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel "hvacmillionaire" for more insights and information. 

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Are you trying to increase revenue in your service company? Learn with me and we will make it happen together! 

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