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Would you like the magic formula to earn more money? Of course I'm joking because there is no such thing.

 BUT I can show you a true way to earn more and keep your client's always wanting more of your services and most importantly, wanting more of you! 

I've been in the service industry for over 21 years and I know what client's want. They want you to deliver such a high level of service that there is no comparison.

You see, it's not enough to provide good, on time, professional service anymore. That is simply what client's already expect.

 No, I'm talking about delivering the unexpected. I'm talking about delivering a super high level of service that blow's peoples minds!! 

Client's will ask for you, write reviews about you, buy more of the services you offer, refer their friends and family AND call your manager to brag about you. 

And when this happens, you will be worth more money, you will be able to have more options, you will get greater opportunities and with this new found success your life will begin to expand and grow. 

I'm going to show you what it takes to be great and provide this high level of service. This course will give you step by step instructions to help you climb the ladder of success in you career. 

Will it be easy? The answer is no. Otherwise you would already be successful and you wouldn't need any help from this program. 

Will it be worth it? The answer is yes!! By learning the lessons in this course and taking action, you should be able to easily increase your pay by a minimum of $2/hr. in less than 6 months possibly even MORE and in less time! 

Consider the possibility of earning a lot more money in a very short amount of time. How would that change your life? 

How would it feel to finally be able to afford a nice vacation for you and your family? Or just be able to make ends meet without worry or stress. 

I used to cringe when standing in line at the store because I was unsure of how much money was in my account. This was before banks had an app that you could just check on your phone. Several times in my life my card was declined. 

That was an awful feeling and although I worked hard I wasn't doing the right things that would move the needle for me and the company I worked for.

I was a technician in the field for over 19 years. Now I own my company and share what I've learned about delivering phenomenal service. 

If you want to earn more money, get noticed by your employer and you are willing to accept new challenges then you've found the right program! 

Now is the time to accelerate your career in the service industry. 

The steps you must take to earn more money from every service call, get great reviews from your clients, gain that promotion and smash your goals are listed below.  

I'm also going to give you the strategy that has increased our average service invoice from $180 to an average of $408 in just 2 months!!

The best part about it is that we haven't hit the ceiling yet!!! 

I'm expecting average tickets to increase even more!

If there's one thing that holds true with almost every single one of us, it's the yearning to be more and do more in our lives. 

I've spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars along with making hundreds of mistakes in order to give you this information. 

I made it affordable for anyone to own so they can change their lives!! 

Once you purchase the program you will own it forever so you can use it as a reference anytime you need it. 

If you are still unsure if this is the right program for you then check out the first chapter that is absolutely free!! 


Course Curriculum

    1. Course goals

    2. quiz 1

    3. Commitment

    4. quiz 2

    5. Long term thinking vs. short term thinking

    6. quiz 3

    1. Let's set some targets!

    2. quiz 4

    3. 90 day Rocks

    4. quiz 5

    5. Passion and Purpose

    6. quiz 6

    7. Time to fly

    8. quiz 7

    1. Problem solving

    2. quiz 8

    3. Carry the torch

    4. quiz 9

    5. Creating your dream job

    6. quiz 10

    7. Get what you want or be right?

    8. quiz 11

    1. A & B

    2. quiz 12

    3. What's your number?

    4. quiz 13

    5. Informed

    6. quiz 14

    7. The anomaly

    8. quiz 15

    9. HOW TO FEEL

    10. quiz 16

    11. The most important thing you will ever learn.

    12. quiz 17

    13. MMFI

    14. quiz 18

    15. Pitch

    16. quiz 19

    17. Get RUTHLESS

    18. quiz 20

    19. X Factor

    20. quiz 21

    21. Communication

    22. quiz 22

    23. Steps to reduction

    24. quiz 23

    25. Productivity on Steroids

    26. quiz 24

    27. TNT

    28. quiz 25

    29. Complete focus

    30. quiz 26

    31. Acres of Diamonds

    32. quiz 27

    1. First 2 rules of sales

    2. BUILDING OPTIONS: How to increase your average ticket

    3. Fact finding and observations

    4. Here's some ideas on what to offer beyond the primary repair for HVAC

    5. Create bullet points

    6. Video

    7. Building Options

    8. Exceed the price

    9. Proceed to the close

    10. Closing

    11. Collect the review


    13. Traction


About this course

  • $197.00
  • 68 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

About the instructor

Instructor Title Kelley McKay

Kelley has worked in residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning for over 21 years. His career as a service technician started at the age of 19 and 12 years later he opened his own company in 2008. He has hired and trained individuals who knew nothing about the industry and built them into service experts. He has written two books that are available on Amazon. "Go Make Money: A strategic guide to grow your service business into a million dollar business" and "Busyness to Business: 18 Lessons to turn your business into what you intended to create." Kelley enjoys teaching others what he's learned as a service technician as well as what he's learned owning a service business. Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel "hvacmillionaire" for more insights and information. 

What others have been saying about this course:

5 star rating

Great Quality Advice

Aaron Edmonson

I have been reviewing this course for a month or so now. I completed about 40% of it and then took a break for a while due to some personal things and just d...

Read More

I have been reviewing this course for a month or so now. I completed about 40% of it and then took a break for a while due to some personal things and just didn't have the extra time hardly to do the course. Now, that I'm reviewing it again it is just expected that each and every video is going to be as informative as the last. This was a great investment and I'm extremely excited and happy I was referred to it and invested in it. Thanks for everything you've done to create this program.

Read Less
5 star rating

Super service

tyler aaron

If you want to wow your customers and provide a level of service that will blow your customers minds this is the course .Kelley talks about you will get noti...

Read More

If you want to wow your customers and provide a level of service that will blow your customers minds this is the course .Kelley talks about you will get noticed and he was 100 percent correct .I worked for a company for close to 3 years and never got noticed the first few weeks I used the skills I learned from super service I was getting letters sent to my work the boss came up to me and said he really appreciated me taking care of customers .I used one technique from this course to help a lady acquire a new system that said she was not ready to buy today .The course payed for its self the first time I used it .

Read Less

If you're the type of person who doesn't take action then this course is not for you. You can keep doing what you're doing, and I'm certain you will keep getting what you're getting.

 BUT.............. if you are sick and tired of feeling stuck then sign up and let's get you in the fast lane and get you earning more money!! 

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