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Are you new to the HVAC business? Do you have some experience but want to learn more about residential HVAC? Are you earning the money that you deserve? What's holding you back from starting an HVAC career? Do you own a business but haven't been able to find any qualified help? Maybe you're tired of always being on call and missing valuable time spent with your family. Are you afraid to commit to hiring someone with no experience? How many years will it take for a new person to get the experience and knowledge they need to start producing income for your company? 2 maybe 3 years? What if you could speed up the process and get someone producing much faster for little to no money? How would that change your life? Could you get home earlier and spend more time with your loved ones? Of course you could. What would that mean to your spouse and your kids? How much does it cost to hire someone outside of the HVAC industry and train them? 2 years worth of wages? Why wait that long when there's a better solution? Keep reading the information below and if this makes sense to you then take action and start that new career, hire that new person, add another team member and change your life or business!! 

 My name is Kelley McKay and I've spent over 21 years in the field running service calls and installing heating and air conditioning equipment. I've owned my own business for over 10 years now and I've had huge success in growing my company. I still struggle today with finding experienced help to join my team. I've spent thousands of dollars in advertising trying to get the message out that we are hiring and have little to no response from technician's with experience. I always hear the same thing from interested candidates. Would you be willing to train me? So I made the decision to give it a try and started hiring positive people with great people skills and trained them to learn the HVAC trade. What I found is that it worked! It allowed me to grow my business to a point that I spend all my time now working on the business instead of in my business. 

My role has now changed to leadership. I have been successful in taking people that join my team, from knowing nothing about the HVAC industry, to getting them certified in less than 2 years. Helping them earn more money in less time. In order to take my business to an even higher level, I knew I needed a repeatable process that didn't involve me spending so much of my time training someone new. So I created HVAC Service Ready. This is the exact same training I use in my business. I can speed up the learning process through the courses instead of letting them learn out in the field which takes far more time. If you want to get in the fast lane and take yourself or your business to the next level in a short amount of time then you must consider this training! 

Whether you are a business owner who is trying to grow or you are someone who wants to jump start a career in the HVAC business the fact remains that nothing will change without taking action. This course will pay for itself 10 times over once you learn and apply your new found knowledge.   

 I'm going to help you become familiar with terminology of tools and parts, you'll learn about thermostats, switches, loads, using your volt meter, performing maintenance on furnaces, air handler units, heat pumps, air conditioners, sales, customer relations, building rapport, and much much more. This is raw practical training that was designed to train anyone who has the drive to learn, grow and succeed in residential heating and air conditioning. The more money that you can earn for the company you work for, the more money you will be paid! 

The HVAC industry is growing and will never stop. The industry has been great to me and my family. Every single person needs heating and air conditioning and that will never change. As a business owner myself I can tell you that finding high quality service technician's is very hard. They are in demand and anytime something is in demand, what happens? The ones in demand become worth more money. The possibilities in this field are endless when you have the knowledge. This is the place to get that knowledge! This is your calling, your chance to learn one of the most in demand career's on the planet. Want to earn more money faster? Want to grow yourself into a knowledgeable professional? Want to become the person that you were meant to be? Now is the time to make that decision, stop talking about it and thinking about it. Now is the time to step up and create the life you deserve. Action always trumps skill. Take action now and expand your potential!!!


  • Terminology: learn what we call our tools and equipment. Also learn about the parts used in the HVAC industry. 
  • How to use your volt meter. Learn what the readings mean and how to diagnose the system with those readings. 
  • How to install and wire in basic heat/cool thermostats and heat pump thermostats. 
  • How to perform a full maintenance on most residential equipment. Including how to deliver the results to the home owner. 
  • How to communicate to the customer. 
  • How to build rapport with the customer. 
  • Overview of switches and loads and how they work. 
  • The mindset that will ensure you have a successful career. 

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Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome!!!!

    2. Meet your instructor

    3. Commitment

    4. Attitude

    5. Pop quiz

    1. Hand tools for service

    2. Hand tools for installation (sheet metal tools)

    3. Specialty Tools

    4. How to use install tools

    5. How to use install tools continued

    6. EPA EXAM

    7. Service calls with an expert

    8. Pop quiz

    1. Air conditioning parts and equipment

    2. Air conditioning parts and equipment: part 2

    3. Relays

    4. Consumables

    5. Control boards

    6. Thermocouples and Pilot Generators

    7. Gas valves and pilot assemblies

    8. Fan/limit controls

    9. Limit switches/roll-out switches/fan switches

    10. Hot surface ignitors

    11. Testing Hot Surface Ignitors

    12. Combustion motor assembly/pressure switch/burner assembly

    13. Learn how to solder

    14. Brazing

    15. Oxidization

    16. Brazing safety

    17. Filters and filter racks

    18. All customer's are our friend.

    19. Concentric kits

    20. Flashings/storm collars/flue pipe

    21. Pop quiz

    1. Goal Setting

    2. How to set Goals

    3. What you think about you bring about.

    4. Passion and Purpose

    5. HVAC Success Principles

    6. Pop quiz

    1. Switches and loads

    2. Wiring connections

    3. Basic thermostat wiring

    4. Basic thermostat operation

    5. Basic heat pump thermostat wiring

    6. Heat Pump thermostat operation

    7. Wiring a heat pump system

    8. Installing a disconnect and whip

    9. Daily Deposits

    10. pop quiz

    1. Refrigerant certification

    2. How refrigerant flows/heat pumps or condensers

    3. Addition not subtraction

    4. What is happening when you pump down a unit.

    5. Pumping down a unit

    6. Pumping down the unit continued

    7. Reclaiming refrigerant

    8. Extended daily deposit thoughts

    9. Nitrogen leak test and Pulling a vacuum

    10. Pop quiz

About this course

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About the instructor

Instructor Title Kelley McKay

Kelley has worked in residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning for over 21 years. His career as a service technician started at the age of 19 and 12 years later he opened his own company in 2008. He has hired and trained individuals who knew nothing about the industry and built them into service experts. He has written two books that are available on Amazon. "Go Make Money: A strategic guide to grow your service business into a million dollar business" and "Busyness to Business: 18 Lessons to turn your business into what you intended to create." Kelley enjoys teaching others what he's learned as a service technician as well as what he's learned owning a service business. Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel "hvacmillionaire" for more insights and information. 

What others have been saying about this course:

5 star rating

Great Quality Advice

Aaron Edmonson

I am only roughly 1/4 (25%) of the way through this course and I really enjoy the content being discussed and brought out. It has given me some positive thi...

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I am only roughly 1/4 (25%) of the way through this course and I really enjoy the content being discussed and brought out. It has given me some positive thinking, some great insight on different ideas, and it's just overall great quality. Thank you Kelley Mckay.

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5 star rating

Service ready

tyler aaron

Super service payed for its self first time I used the principles .when I’m with customers it just seems so much more personal and the customers are calling...

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Super service payed for its self first time I used the principles .when I’m with customers it just seems so much more personal and the customers are calling or writing good letters a lot to my work .Kelley talks about you will get noticed he is 100 percent correct the main owner came up to me and thanked me for making the customers happy ,I worked for this company 3 years and never got a thank you till I applied the principles of this course .One of the closing tecniques he teaches helped me close a job from a woman that said she was not ready to buy today ,I left with a signed proprosal .This course is about high leval of service. It’s a must have if you want customers to have wow experience!

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Invest in your future and start learning today! This course will help you earn more money in your career as an HVAC Expert. If you own a business then invest into your people and order the course for them. You will be thrilled at the progress they make in a short amount of time. SIGN UP NOW!!!!